John Miles
John Miles

John Miles rubber have been manufacturing and supplying gaskets,packings,washers and other rubber products to industry for the past 150 years.

Originally supplying the local textile,mining,water and gas industries, we now supply a vast range of industries including construction, chemical, pharmaceutical, food processing, brewing, engineering to name but a few.

Our commitment is to give the customer what they want, when they want it at the most competitive price, whilst maintaining the most stringent standards of quality.

We manufacture gaskets,washers,packings made to customer specifications and drawings from a variety of non-metallic materials some of which are listed below.

We can offer 1 off custom made gaskets to the production of 1000's off using die cutters on our various press cutting machines.We also slit rubber or sponge rubber with or without self adhesive backing to our customers requirements.

Listed below are a few of the materials that we manufacture from :-

Natural, S.B.R.,Neoprene, Nitrile, E.P.D.M., Butyl, Hypalon, Viton, Silicone
Sponge rubber:-
Nilrile, neoprene, E.P.D.M.
various grades including neoprene and nitrile bonded
Non asbestos fibres
Rubber matting:-
Ribbed, Studded,Electrical, Stable mats,


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